Gustav Metzger, Public Adverts, Cheap Flights, 2005–2009 (Detail), Privatsammlung

Enlarge image: Das Bild zeigt eine schwarz-weiße Grafik mit einem schwarzen Hintergrund und weißem Text. Oben rechts steht: "FROM £5.99 ONE WAY TAXES & CHARGES INCLUDED." In der Mitte unten befindet sich der Name der Fluggesellschaft Ryanair zusammen mit dem Slogan "FLY CHEAPER". Unten rechts ist ein schwarz-weißes Logo, darunter steht die Webseite "" in einer weißen, wellenförmigen Form.


27 July 2024 - 5 January 2025

Refugee, survivor, stateless person, carpenter, gardener, anarchist, antiquarian, environmental activist, intellectual, and artist. Gustav Metzger was born in Nuremberg in 1926. At the age of four, he witnessed the Nazi parades. At the age of twelve, in January 1939, he arrived in England on one of the last Jewish Kindertransports. His parents and most of his family were murdered by the Nazis.

Confronted with the murderous violence of human beings at an early age, Gustav Metzger regarded drawing attention to the systematic destruction of nature and fighting for its preservation and respect as a matter of existential importance. For that reason, at the height of the nuclear arms race, he wrote Auto-Destructive Art manifestos calling for art created for its own destruction. In 1960, along with Bertrand Russell, he cofounded the Committee of 100. Composing manifestos, organizing symposia, undertaking interventions in the public space, and, above all, participating in contemporary discourse, remained fundamental to Metzger throughout his life. Many of his works address the inexplicable nature of violence, history, and, in particular, the Holocaust, promoting understanding and opposing the modes of suppression and forgetting.

The exhibition Gustav Metzger at TOWERMMK is the first museum retrospective to be devoted to the artist (1926–2017) in Germany.

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