Blick in die Ausstellung "Flüsse" © Senckenberg Naturmuseum, Foto: Sven Tränker

Blick auf ein multimediales Ausstellungsstück in der Ausstellung "Flüsse" im Senckenberg Naturmuseum mit Screen und Landkarte im Vordergrund


22 March - Summer 2021
Senckenberg Naturmuseum

The Nidda flows from the volcanic Vogelsberg to its mouth on the Main near Frankfurt-Höchst through Hesse. Now, the visitors flow with the water through the new exhibition “Rivers”. Using the example of the Nidda, the connection between geology and water, the biodiversity within the river, and the water cycle of the region, are clearly explained.

With the help of the Mainova AG, the Senckenberg Nature Museum has designed exceptional multi-media exhibits. The Senckenberg Society supplies Frankfurt with drinking water that is sustainably produced in the region and is committed to using water in a way that conserves resources, promoting the resource-friendly use of water locally. In the exhibition, a strong contextual reference to the region is deliberately made to help educate those about our work together.

As a drop of water, visitors shrink to the size of a grain of sand and enter a world that can otherwise only be seen under a microscope, and walk through the exhibition in this way. Tiny organisms which are larger than life swim around here – they can be delicate, sometimes they are translucent, and are of a surprising variety of shapes and sizes, as well as aesthetics.

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