Carlos Bunga, Installationsansicht © Secession, 2021, Foto: Iris Ranzinger

Enlarge image: Weiß, hellblau und beige getünchte hohe Kisten auf Stühlen, die in denselben Farben übermalt sind stehen eng und zu einander gewandt beieinander auf einer Terasse


18 February - 22 May 2022

Carlos Bunga (b. 1976) describes both himself and his artistic prac­tice as being char­ac­ter­ized by a nomadic nature. The insta­bility of the living envi­ron­ment, displace­ment, and migra­tion all have a defining effect on the work of the artist, whose mother settled in Portugal after fleeing the civil war in Angola. Bunga’s archi­tec­tural instal­la­tions chal­lenge ideas of secu­rity and the certainty of human and mate­rial exis­tence, instead suggesting that the only constant is perpetual change. His expan­sive works effec­tively double the space in which they are shown: they posi­tion them­selves in front of walls, which they both obscure and trans­form, subse­quently facil­i­tating a dialogue between the two archi­tec­tures. Bunga uses simple mate­rials, such as card­board panels and tape, in his monu­mental works. The everyday nature of the mate­rial, the majority of which is related to storage and trans­port, forms a bridge to the imme­diate reality of life.

For the Rotunda at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frank­furt, the artist has devised a new instal­la­tion that responds to the specific archi­tec­ture of the publicly acces­sible space. Used pieces of furni­ture form the foun­da­tion walls for a card­board archi­tec­ture that rises up to the Rotunda’s glass dome.

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60311 Frankfurt

+49 (0)69 299 88 20

U: 4, 5 (Dom / Römer) Tram: 11, 12, 14 (Römer / Paulskirche)
TUE – SUN 10 am – 7 pm
WED – THUR 10 am – 10 pm

Without a barrier

WC wheelchair accessible

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