Stadt-Blicke im Stadtlabor © Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Jens Gerber

Enlarge image: Ausstellungsansicht von zwei Fotos von Brücken und einer Zeichung in der Mitte vor der eine Frau steht und diese betrachtet

Democracy: From the promise of equality

13 May 2023 - 14 April 2024
Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Almost 175 years ago now, the first National Assembly met in Frankfurt's St. Paul’s Church (Paulskirche). On the occasion of this anniversary, the Historical Museum Frankfurt is organizing a Democracy Lab. Together with the people of Frankfurt, an exhibition with a variety of views on democracy is to be created. This participatory exhibition format is called CityLab (Stadtlabor).

The most important principle of democracy is the equality of people. Nevertheless, people can participate differently in political life. Their position in society influences how they can speak and be heard. Privileges determine how they can organize politically and be represented in parliament. This runs counter to the democratic promise of equality.

How can political participation succeed for all?
What can democracy look like in everyday life?
How do we want to live together in Frankfurt in the future?

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Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt

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