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Enlarge image: Banner zur Ausstellung, in der Mitte ein gezeichnetes offenes Buch mit dem Titel, darum herum Farbspritzer und die Daten vor rosa Hintergrund

International Children's Book Exhibition. Illustration special

13 January - 14 April 2024
Klingspor Museum – Offenbach am Main

Children's books often tell the story with text, but the pictures have a strong impact. Sometimes the illustration tells its own story, adds something to the text or interprets it differently. Reading pictures also needs to be learned and the children's book offers a first opportunity to become familiar with artistic concepts. But how do the illustrations actually get into the book? What is the process behind it and how do illustrators work today. Can an illustration influence the perception of a story? This year's children's book exhibition is showing current children's books from all over the world for the 68th time and takes a closer look at the creation and impact of the images in the book. 

Colorful reading landscapes invite you to look, read and discover!

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Klingspor Museum – Offenbach am Main
Herrnstraße 80
63065 Offenbach

+49 (0)69 80 65 21 64

S: 1, 2, 8, 9 (Marktplatz) Bus: 41, 103, 104, 108, 120, 41, 551 (Rathaus)
TUE – THUR 1 pm – 6 pm
FRI 2 pm – 9 pm
SAT, SUN 11 am – 6 pm

largely barrier-free

WC wheelchair accessible

Free admission for children and young persons under 18

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