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Respect! The Samaritans in the Bible and today

1 March 2023 - 31 May 2023
Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

One of the oldest and smallest religious communities in the world is on everyone's lips: rescue services and hospitals bear the name of the "Samaritans". Internationally, "The Good Samaritan Law" protects helpers from prosecution.

But who are the Samaritans? Little is known about this micro-community of 850 people who live both in modern Israel and in the West Bank on their ancient sacred Mount Garizim near the Palestinian city of Nablus. They trace themselves back to the biblical characters Aaron and Joseph. The struggle for respect and recognition at all times is not only inscribed in the oldest texts of the Bible, but shapes the actions of people to this day.

The exhibition brings together valuable manuscripts, prints and artefacts from the last 2000 years in a showcase with modern evidence of the life of a small but vibrant community. Interactive stations pose questions about one's own identity and the question of what is to be done.

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