"DIE NEUE HEIMAT (1950-1982). A social democratic utopia and its buildings" 14 March to 11 October 2020 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum


Neue Heimat’ was the largest and most prominent non-state housing corporation in post-war Europe. For more than 30 years, the union-led building corporation was responsible for the planning and construction of more than 400,000 apartments. Neue Heimat’s projects not only emerged from a unique interplay between economic interests and politics, they were also an expression and reflection of West German social history. The scandalous collapse of the corporation in the early 1980s sent shockwaves through West Germany and marked the end of an era. Through noteworthy case studies, as well as numerous historical photographs, film excerpts, plans, and original models, the exhibition now examines and documents the buildings and projects of Neue Heimat for the first time.

Siedlung Kranichstein Darmstadt, Ernst May, Neue Heimat Südwest © Hamburgisches Architekturarchiv

The exhibition is a cooperation with the Architekturmuseum of the TUM and the Hamburgisches Architekturarchiv.

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