Masterpiece! 16 museums – 0 euros for everyone under 18



The manifold museums of Frankfurt are worthwhile destinations all year round. For children and young adults under the age of 18 selected Frankfurt museums now have something very special in store: free admission.

16 Museums – 0 Euros for Everyone Under 18

Budding Edisons or little whirlwinds, introverts or extroverts, quiet contemplators or persistent questioners – if they're under 18 years of age they can visit all of Frankfurt's 16 municipal museums for free.

Freier Eintritt in die städtischen Museen (v.l.n.r.: Kulturdezernentin Dr. Ina Hartwig, Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann) © Heike Lyding GestalterKids © Museum Angewandte Kunst, Foto: Anja Jahn

Free admission for children and young adults under 18 was decided by the city council in January 2017, and applies to all permanent and special exhibitions. The offer has been well received, and the statistics indicate a 25% increase in museum attendance by under 18s in the first quarter of 2017 alone. The following fascinating institutions are open to everyone in that age group free of charge:
Archäologisches Museum
Caricatura Museum
Deutsches Architekturmuseum
Hindemith Kabinett
Historisches Museum
Institut für Stadtgeschichte
Jüdisches Museum
Kinder Museum
Museum Angewandte Kunst

Museum Judengasse
Porzellan Museum
Weltkulturen Museum

Also, the free admission for everyone under the age of 18 applies at the MUSEUM GIERSCH of the Goethe-University.

Kinderspur im Historischen Museum Frankfurt mit Dr. Ina Hartwig © Heike Lyding

"We want young people to conceive of museums as open houses, in which they are welcome anytime," says Dr. Ina Hartwig, Frankfurt's Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture.

How much does a suit of armour weigh? What does a garden chair have in common with a space rocket? Where can you find miniature houses? How did Stone Age people make fire? The answers to these and many more exciting, curious, and interesting facts can be found in the museums on both banks of the river Main.

Kinderführung im Weltkulturen Museum © Stephanie EndterKinderführung im MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Foto: Axel Schneider

The free admission initiative is promoted with the campaign "MASTERPIECE! to reach as many young people as possible. Posters and postcards advertising the offer can be found in Frankfurt's underground stations, medical practices, and youth clubs. The materials can also be downloaded here.

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