Museum Embankment Game


MUSEMO is an exclusive memo game that unites the museums of Frankfurt in a family game. The Museumsufer Frankfurt – a unique cultural ensemble in terms of architecture and spatial planning – is a prominent point of attraction for culturally-interested visitors from Germany and from all over the world. Each institution bears its special treasures and, with its exhibitions and events, contributes to the lively arts and culture centre. This multifaceted offer has turned the Museumsufer Frankfurt into a heavyweight in the German museum scene.

Playing memory always includes pairs of matching motives, which the players must find among the reversed cards. Thus each player uncovers two cards at a time by flipping them over, and if it is a pair – recognisable by the colour of the frame – he may keep the pair and continue playing. If he has not found a match, it’s the next player’s turn. The person who has collected the most museums by the end of the game has won. The included game and overview plan in German, English, Spanish and Chinese language also provides players from across the globe information on the different museums and where to find them in Frankfurt. Enjoy playing the memo game and then visiting the museums in “real”!


72 cards in the box
Including detailed game instructions in four languages and an introduction to 35 of Frankfurt’s museums and the “heavyweight” of the German museum scene
© City of Frankfurt
ISBN 978-3-934657-49-6

Department of Culture and Sciences of the City of Frankfurt in cooperation with MeterMorphosen

Photographs / Illustrations
The museums hold the copyright of the images.

Lilli Messina

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Gaußstrasse 12
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