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In 1917 Hugo Eberhardt founded the museum in the flourishing city of leather and leather goods Offenbach/Main.

1913 - Das ist Leder! Von A bis Z © Deutsches Ledermuseum, Laura Brichta2088 - Das ist Leder! Von A bis Z © Deutsches Ledermuseum, Laura Brichta

It was to be an exemplary collection for the training of young designers, craft workers and leather goods manufacturers.

Außenansicht Deutsches Ledermuseum © DLM, C. Perl-Appl

Today the collection encompasses more than 30,000 objects from all cultures and epochs, making the German Leather Museum the world’s only institution to collect and present exclusively everything to do with the material leather and related materials.

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Current Exhibitions
  • "THAT’S LEATHER! From A to Z" until 29 December 2020 at the Deutsches Ledermuseum - Offenbach

    With the exhibition the museum is presenting an innovative multimedia project space that provides comprehensive insights into the material that is thousands of years old and for the first time shows fundamental facts about leather in dialog with the museum’s outstanding collection.

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