Museum Judengasse

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The Museum Judengasse, on the site of Frankfurt’s medieval Jewish ghetto, has reopened as part of a wide-ranging expansion and restructuring of the Frankfurt Jewish Museum‘s permanent exhibitions. The Museum Judengasse houses an exhibition presenting Jewish history up until 1800. With the “Museum Judengasse” at Börneplatz, the Jewish Museum has a dependency right at the historic heart of Jewish life in Frankfurt. Centrepieces of the collection are foundations of buildings from the former “Judengasse”.

Museum Judengasse: Modell der Frankfurter Judengasse © Norbert Miguletz, Jüdisches Museum FrankfurtMuseum Judengasse: Blick ins Steinerne Haus © Norbert Miguletz, Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

Documented is the history of this lane, its inhabitants and houses over a period of 350 years. In the Museum the life of deported and slain Frankfurt Jews can be traced, whose names are remembered at the memorial “Neue Börneplatz”.

Museum Judengasse: Blick in die Ausstellung – Bilder in der Judengasse © Norbert Miguletz, Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

Media installations show Jewish daily life and culture in Frankfurt in early modern times. The new entrance to the museum emphasizes the Jewish cemetery that dates back to the Middle Ages, and to the memorial of the Frankfurt Jews that were deported and murdered.

Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt

Free admission for children and young persons under 18

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Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday 10 am - 17 pm
Tuesday 10 am - 20 pm
Closed Mondays


Museum Judengasse - Börneplatz
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