Museums A to Z

  • Deutsches Albert Schweitzer Zentrum

    Archive that presents the life of  the medical doctor, musician and theologist Albert Schweitzer

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  • Deutsches Architekturmuseum

    1979 the first museum of its kind on the European continent with the goal to make architecture the subject of public debate

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  • Deutsches Filmmuseum

    To preserve and present the heritage of film - this is the aim of the Deutsche Filmmuseum

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  • Deutsches Orthopädisches Geschichts- und Forschungsmuseum e.V.

    The permanent exhibition illustrates the history of orthopaedics as well as the care of the handicapped

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  • Dialog Museum

    Everyday situations, which without sight become an entirely new experience

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  • Dom Museum

    Presentation of the cathedrale collection and partly dramatic history of this place of worship

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