Museums for Children

The Museum Embankment offers many attractions for children. The exhibition spaces of the Junges Museum Frankfurt (Young Museum Frankfurt), a branch of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt (Museum of History), have been designed specifically for the youngest visitors, who can explore regularly changing learn-and-play environments. In the Struwwelpeter Museum (Shockheaded Peter Museum), children can immerse themselves in the world of the eponymous children’s classic by Heinrich Hoffmann, and the Museum für Kommunikation (Museum of Communication) has a fascinating children’s lab. Most other museums and exhibition centres also offer an extensive education programme of guided tours, workshops and holiday events for children of all ages.

Museums & Institutes

  • Junges Museum Frankfurt

    Exhibitions specifically conceived for children

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  • Bibelhaus – Erlebnis Museum

    The Bible is not a defunct book – it is a book of life and a cultural asset in one

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  • EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter FrankfurtRheinMain

    The motto of the EXPERIMINTA is: questioning, experimenting, understanding.

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  • Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

    Exhibition about the beginnings of communication to our modern information society

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  • Struwwelpeter Museum/Heinrich-Hoffmann-Museum

    The museum has cultivated memories of the Frankfurt physician and poet, who achieved worldwide fame as the author of the picture book classic Struwwelpeter

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