Museums of History

Considering all the events of a political, economic and cultural import that have taken place in this city since it was first officially documented in 794, Frankfurt has always been a place of extraordinary significance for both German and European history. Together with other institutions, the Historisches Museum Frankfurt (Frankfurt Museum of History), founded in 1878, is keeping Frankfurt’s fascinating history alive today. Temporary exhibitions of history museums such as the Institut für Stadtgeschichte (Institute of Local History) or the Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum) also focus on a wider historical context.

Museums & Institutes

  • Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt

    The Archaeological Museum is dedicated to researching, presenting and informing about the prehistoric, roman, mediaeval and more recent archaeology of Frankfurt and its surrounding countryside

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  • Bibelhaus – Erlebnis Museum

    The Bible is not a defunct book – it is a book of life and a cultural asset in one

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  • Dom Museum

    Presentation of the cathedrale collection and partly dramatic history of this place of worship

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  • Hindemith Kabinett

    Exhibition on the life and work of the musician and composer Paul Hindemith at Kuhhirtenturm

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  • Historisches Museum Frankfurt

    The Historisches Museum on the Römerberg welcomes visitors with topical permanent and special exhibitions as well as a wide range of events and activities to accompany children and adults in exploring the city of Frankfurt and its history

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  • Porzellan Museum Frankfurt

    The museum shows the diversity of porcelain in the cultural context of the times

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  • Institut für Stadtgeschichte – Carmelite Monastery

    The Institute with its archive has the function of preserving, making accessible and comprehensively communicating Frankfurt am Main's historic heritage

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  • Jewish Museum Frankfurt

    The museum presents the historical evolution, social and religious life of the Jewish community in Frankfurt from the 12th to the 20th century
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  • Museum Judengasse

    The Judengasse Museum houses an exhibition presenting Jewish history up until 1800.

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