Bernardbau Eingang © Haus der Stadtgeschichte, Foto: Thomas Lemnitzer

Eingang zum Haus der Stadtgeschichte mit Informationssäule im Vordergrund links

Lithosteine (Ausschnitt) © Haus der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach, Foto: Jörg Baumann

Zwei Lithosteine an der Wand im Haus der Stadtgeschichte

Skelett © Haus der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach, Foto: Jörg Baumann

Skelett im Haus der Stadtgeschichte

Haus der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach am Main

The presentation traces a time span of around 10,000 years, beginning with prehistorical times and early history, through the medieval and modern eras, and ending with a view of the future.

The museum takes important aspects of city history into account, such as for example the history of the Huguenots and Jews in Offenbach. Alongside the permanent exhibition, a varied programme of temporary exhibitions awaits visitors – these are staged at regular intervals in the industrial building.

Exhibitions of contemporary art from the region or relating to historical aspects are held in the industrial building. These are accompanied by an events programme rich in variety.


Shop in Haus der Stadtgeschichte

Regale mit Büchern im Shop im Haus der Stadtgeschichte

Visitors to the museum shop will find souvenirs such as replicas of the amulet known as Bieberer Amulett and publications about the City of Offenbach.

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Haus der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach am Main
Herrnstraße 61
63065 Offenbach

+49 (0)69 8065 2446

S: 1, 2, 8, 9 (Marktplatz)
Bus: 41, 103, 104, 108, 120, 551 (Rathaus)

TUES, THUR, FRI 10 am – 5 pm
WED 2 pm – 7 pm
SAT, SUN 11 am – 5 pm
largely barrier-free

largely barrier-free

Restricted toilet wheelchair accessible

Restricted toilet wheelchair accessible

Free admission for children and young persons under 18

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